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Commercial Cleaning Services

Customized Cleaning Services Tailored to Your Business


We understand not all commercial properties are the same; a medical office has different needs than a car dealership or a school. Mette Commercial Cleaning Services has the crews, products, services, and systems to provide a consistent level of pristine clean, no matter the facility type. Whatever the challenges of your facility, we are equipped with the solution for your cleaning needs.

Mette Commercial Cleaning Services is uniquely qualified to handle a wide variety of industries. The team brings a level of quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that your business requires.

Whether you need a sanitary environment for patients, sparkling floors to showcase your vehicles, vacation home to rent, or a safe setting for children to play, we understand the criteria for every facility. We are constantly evolving to accommodate additional facility types, so even if your business doesn’t fall into one of the categories, please reach out to see if we can help.We understand not all commercial properties are the same. Our services are affordable and we offer a service-guarantee because we stand behind our work. 

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